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I've been looking around the internet of any interesting Computer and mobile softwares that I find usefull and I see so many around available for download and for use, most of the good ones are not free, but if you look more and tried some you can find the right software for you; below are some of software that I use and I find usefull and I'm sharing it to you, check it out; maybe later I'll find a way to share downloads of them, so check it out later;
page is still in progress of construction, I will update this later-on
Fedora, Operating System, Open
Manjaro, Operating System, Open
Ubuntu, Operating System, Open
Centos 7, Operating System, Open
Kali, Operating System, Open
Puppy, Operating System, Open
Tiny, Operating System, Open
Windows 7, Operating System, propriety
Windows 10, Operating System, propriety
Raspbery PI, Operating System, Open
Hirens, Softwares, Open
Libre Office, Office Software, Open
Unison, Backup software, Open
Xarchiver, archive software, Open
OBS, Video software, Open
Emacs, Editing software, Open
Shutter, Screen capture software, Open
Screenshot, screen capture software, Open
Mousepad, Editor software, Open
Notepad++, Editor software, Open
Blender, 3d editor software, Open
Cura, 3d printer software, Open
Wine, Emulator, Open
Angry IP, Tools, Open
Filezilla, FTP software, Open
Firefox, Browser, Open
Reminna, Remote software, Open
Teamviewer, Remote Software, Propriety
Icecat, Browser, Open
Audacity, Audio editor, Open
VLC, Video player, Free
Vokoscreen, Video capture, Open
Wine, Emulator, Open

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