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Voltes V 2020
The official release date for DX Voltes V will be on December 26, 2020, as highlighted in Bandai Japan's December 2020 release schedule on Tamashii Nations. reed more in their Facebook FB Link or in their Youtube channel
 Voltes V

New Balance Tamiya
I don't know where to find this now, I can't find any online, if anyone know's where can I get one please email me, Thanks
New Balance Tamiya

Tamiya x New Balance 574

New Balance link up with RC toy car makers Tamiya on a new collaboration of interest. Based off Tamiya’s popular Dash-1 Emperor car design, the company designed a new version of the 574 featuring patent leather uppers with star eyelets and the #49 embroidered on the tongue. The sneakers also come equipped with its own Dash-1 Emperor available in two colorways (each limited to 248 units) and a messenger bag which looks to be produced by Porter, who made the last series of bags for Tamiya. see link to read more

Marshall Major
I though Major 3 is the best, then came IV, see specification from their website
Marshall Headphone
"Meet Major IV, the iconic headphones from Marshall with 80+ solid hours of wireless playtime, wireless charging and a new, improved ergonomic design. With more than three full days of power, you can stop worrying about your headphones dying on you when you need them. Custom-tuned dynamic drivers deliver roaring bass, smooth mids and brilliant treble for a rich, unrivalled sound that you’ll never want to turn off." by Marshall


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