My Tamiya accessories and other stuffs

Here are my currently collected Tamiya 4 wheel drive mini accessories and other stuffs,
Maintaining racing cars required tools and equipment to cope with the challenges of different layout of race track racing events, I managed to acquire necessary items to keep up with the races, see below my items and accessories to keep my Tamiya cars up and running at its best;
The most important item for me to have and maintain are my motors, Tamiya have developed different type of motors that varies from its torque and speed, also I keep in mind that each motor have different purpose and depending on its design each motor have differenct amperage that drains the batteries differently
Batteries are the source of power, the market offers many choices, I have at hand 3 brand in my inventory comprising of Fujitsu 1900mah, Eneloop 1900mah and Ladda 2450mah, Lesser mah is lighter and better to use at racing to lighten my car weight but will cause the battery to drain faster also if I'm using a high torque motor
I manage to collect different gears of type to control the transmission of my cars and rollers to ride on the side rails or walls of the racetrack, Depending on the Events race track layout, changing the gears and rollers that will suite the race makes my car run efficiently
I chose the brand Opus to charge my batteries, I have 5 of it at hand as of this writing, I find opus easy to use and easy on the budget, I find it cheaper amongst good  brands I know yet the quality is maintained by the manufacturer, I have found a link of its manual online,
Tuning up my cars is not easy, I need to be on the race track to have my cars tuned correctly, having a Speedchecker is a good alternative to know how my cars perform atleast to check the speed and torque transfer from my engine to transmission to the wheels
These small hardwares are handy in maintaining my cars, collection of screws, washers and shafts are essential in maintaining my cars, changing it's structure to cope with the challenges of the Race track
I have a Small screw driver, this is really handy tool and light to carry
This box hex screw driver is highly needed while building or at the race, it is essential in building and mainting cars, holding those nuts to turn the screws without is imposible to achieve without it
This cutter is very usefull for me in cutting those extra pieces of plastic from new kits and also usefull for cutting FRP's to adjustment I need, it is precision tool for cutting precise areas I want to remove
Tamiya 4wd mini cars have breaks, a hobbyist of this toy gets what I mean, but if you're new or interested to know, this measuring tool is essential to measure the height of front and rear breaks from the ground
My wheels are as important as my engines, to ensure that the wheels are installed properly aligned I use this tool to do so
I use this lubricant to enhance my gears and bearing performance, I have at hand a Tamiya boron nitride compound
I have a super glue at hand to do some minor repair as allowed
This pentel pen looks useless but it is very usefull, I learned this from seeing my fellow hobbyist use it during the race, those loosen wheels can be solved by applying this to the wheel shaft, that's a clever fix right, I heared nail polish does the trick also but I haven't tried that yet
I have contact cleaners too, I learned that Electronic contact cleaners are good for cleaning motors, some even comes with lubricating formula with it, I learned that those motors get dirty, carbon inside it gets clogged on the shaft, also it keep the engine cool while running if it is properly maintained
Though I can manage building my cars without this (I can always use a ruler to measure dimensions of my car to follow the rules of car dimension) I still acquire the tamiya dimension box to ensure the correct size of my cars as per the rules, and its cool to have as addition to my items collected

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