Warning Alert on your Paypal!
Hey I'm not that stupid, almost got me there,
Hey again guys!, be careful on opening emails on your mobile phone, I almost opened it because it looks legit on my phone, just this night at 8:30 pm January 18 2021, I received an email from "I thought its from Paypal", oh my, you almost got me there who ever you are behind that you piece of Cake! hahahaha(I laugh but angry)
Good thing my mind is straight tonight, I opened my desktop and check out my email from the desktop browser and there it was right in front me, hahaha again you piece of Pie!
Please guys just a warning to all of you who always trust your phone on everything, before you click or open any thing there please think twice and try to check all the details, it looks legit, the design was very similar to the same thing, really! be very careful,
if you receive any of this make sure to read everything and I mean everything, see the screenshot below for yourself to find out
I find it amusing also, I just remembered my paypal account is not regisered from yahoo "hahaha! you in the third time you piece of Pot!" PayPai who ever you are...
 Fake Paypal email
Techtip: By the way, just a simple tip, every time you point your mouse on any object on your desktop browser, it will show where it brings you next, before you click it just take a look at the status bar below your browser, see below example, isn't that suspicious enough to not continue?
 Fake Paypal email link
Friends be very careful with your data...
My blog, January 18, 2021
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