History in a making for UAE and for the whole world

Emirates Mission to Mars "Hope Probe", Congratulations to UAE for this such remarkable journey of achivement
This night of Febrary 9 2021 I am blessed to be alive and a aware of another major milestone in human history, I've been working in the middle east for years now and I feel fortunate to witness such achievement it feels like I am part of it and I'm right here near where it all started and happened, for such a short time UAE managed to achieve such journey for me it is unthinkable beyond compare, they are so advanced for a young nation, I sure hope my lifetime is enough to see more what they can achieve in the future, they are a country to look up into with their accomplished development and milestones, read and see more in https://www.emiratesmarsmission.ae/ website
  I captured the moment using my Samsung A10 while watching online and on my TV
My Blog as of February 9, 2021
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