Philippine Passport renewal in Riyadh through VFS Global
Update on my renewal of passport through VFS Global see my previous blog
Just to give you an update of my Passport renewal through VFS, I followed the instruction from Pink Tarha last time see above link of previous blog, today I recieved an SMS from VFS confirming that my passport is ready for releasing, I have followed again the remaining steps to proceed,
I have completed another request of appointment for passport releasing on VFS online it took me a little while to do it, I noticed that my prevous sign in credential to VFS portal is not working, then I saw the a notice from the portal saying that there is an expiration of 30 days for user account so I tried to register again, It didn't ask for previous account so that means the old one expires and you have to re-register again to be able to request for a new appointment, just take note of that, before I realized and did that I tried resetting my password from my previous registered user account and it keeps on bouncing back to me saying wrong user or password, that is when I noticed the user has 30 days expiry limit
so moving forward, afterwards, I can login again and created a new appointment this time for passport collection, you need a little patience on the portal for it is disconnecting sometime but if you keep on trying eventually you will complete the process, your copy of appointment will be sent to your registered email once you've completed the request, mine was sent even though the portal shows blank page on the end so don't worry if your having trouble with portal, just check your email from time to time,
I will be returning to VFS Office to collect my passport as per the provided schedule to pick up my new passport, I will post a new update soon once I've recieved my new passport, Thank you for reading
My Blog, February 26 2021

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