My Lot, pays the user  just to discuss


My lot sure pays, not really to a point of earning a living, but decent enough to what they can share with users, they have a way to calculate and share website income they get from advertisers, I've been a member of this website 14 years now, but I really didn't gave it some time back then, I remembered earning 2$ from the 1st year I joined in then I got bored, I visited it from time to time just to check it out, they we're offline some time 2013 because the owners closed it for some reason but most of the developers managed to reopen again, they teamed up to reopen the system, that's as far as story I know,
Moving forward 2020 I got interested with it and tried again and yeah they are still paying the users, I also get interested with some of the poeple inside to see what they are thinking and writing about, Maybe this time I can stay a little longer, It's actually a nice place to hangout and to write whatever is in your mind, but just enough and decent not to violate rules so be carefull also what you're writing, you don't want to loose your posts, admins are really watchful,

Well if you would like to try please do, check me out with my myLot account and lets discuss
there, See for yourself maybe you'll enjoy sharing and earning a few bucks like I do
My Blog, February 23 2021

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