My Blog, December 21 2020

Sad news today and have 2 of it
Almost end of the year and sadly came two(2) sad news today, from the Philippines and here in Riyadh, first in foremost what a crazy news came today from Philippines somewhere in tarlac, I saw pictures and videos online and I don't feel like gettin into deep on to it but it's all over social media, This "I have no words about it but to curse" why in the hell a neighbor Policeman so have to do that, ending a life of 2 and worst of all mother and son shot dead in day light, who in their right mind will do that and as Policeman,
Sorry I'm not saying all Policemen are this bad, who's not going to get angry with this man, I hope he get what he deserves and for those you guys watching and reading articles about it please open your mind and don't get carried away from the situation, most part of the world experience worst than this and I'm sure our Our Goverment in the Philippines are doing what they have to do about it, check out online and know more about it if you want to I just can't elaborate more about it and I don't want to know more about it, I have so much bad news in life,
Let's come to our second bad news, or not too bad actually, I found out that the Government Saudi Arabia is closing it's international flight again today up to a week and who knows until when, it seems that Covid 19 is still around and the Government is taking its precausions about it, so it seems not to bad after all for the safety of everyone anyways, How I hope this pandemic will come to its end soon so we can all enjoy the outdoors again like we all did before
Thanks for reading...
Enrico Tivi
My Blog, December 21 2020
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