My 1st Blog, December 16 2020

Goodbye 2020, Welcoming 2021
What the future awaits in 2021, last few weeks was stressfull to me I took a week leave from Sunday December 13 2020 up to December 18 2020 Thursday and so along weekend, I'm in the middle of my leave and feels like work is nearing
"Hay naku ang hirap mag english", but for the sake of Globalization and Global warming hehehe I have to do this, anyways I don't care what so called experts may say about my grammar but as my American co-workers says my english is just fine and understandable as my second language its good so I don't mind what others say as long as the readers understand me if I have one, so
I'm taking a leave to have a little time for myself and as I am doing that, I decided to update my personal website and write a small blog as a starting point of my whatever this is going to,
I have stablished the templates and framework for my website and adding a few information on it now, I found it difficult with the media that I have to add here so maybe I'll be holding it for a while, while I look for more pictures and video's or create one so my site will have more content on it,
"Oh humahaba na tong unang sulat ko", I'll leave it here for the meantime and get back on the next blog, Thanks for reading, I feel like writing a diary hahaha! kulit...
Enrico Tivi
My 1st Blog - Dec 16 2020
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