3D Prints

Check out my below 3d prints created, using Sketchup for design and my Monoprice Mini Delta printer
Motor tray, I created this so I can have a place to put my tamiya 4wd mini motor when I'm cleaning them or racing, its a modular expandable puzzle type, created November 28 2020
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Battery tray, Modular, puzzle, expandable
created November 28 2020
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Double A Battery Case, Team Solohista Style
created February 09, 2020
This is a Tamiya 4wd mini motor organizer
created February 12, 2020
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Copy of Tamiya 4wd mini frp rear bumper, created January 22 2020
This is for re-using or re-purposing old dvd case make or turn it into a rack or box, see below youtube videos of 3d printing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vFRZri6VYw 
created January 17, 2020
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My wife's watch buckle is plastic and easily broke, and I have to buy the whole strap to replace it, so I decided to replace it by a 3d printed buckle I made in Sketchup, I tried to find one on thingiverse and others but I can't, so here I share with you my own design
created January 12, 2020
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Check out my 22mm mag wheel design for car kit model scale 1/14 or whatever suites it
also please adjust your settings for appropriate slice of the inner portion and support,
Thank you Thingiverse
created January 11, 2020
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This is my first share of stl, just want to share with others my experience about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUeB1tJA91Y
I was looking for a eye wear mount for my Bell and Howell tac action cam and I can't find any that suites my need so i decided to create one using sketchup and I'm sharing it here in Thingiverse to return the favor, I've learn so much about 3d printing by looking at others peoples creation, Thank you Thingiverse
created January 10, 2020
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